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Bitter Sweet Chai

This video was filmed in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2014. It is part of project called Mandala Istanbul, which expresses my thoughts,impressions and feelings of a truly magical city. The project will consist of videos, photographs, prints, collages. and music.
Sensing the Ox

Sensing the Ox was filmed from a hill overlooking the Connecticut River Valley in Middletown, CT, where I grew up. The title refers to the Ten Ox Herding Pictures of Zen Training. Sensing or seeking the ox is the initial stage of training. I composed the music first and then the video evolved from there.
I Just Don't Know

I Just Don't Know was filmed in Cappadocia, Turkey. The magical atmosphere of the region, filled with amazing rock formations and caves, was among many other things, a refuge for the early gnostics. The song, written earlier, found a home.

06 Like a Hurricane.mp3